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City of Bellevue Issues RFP to Lease Riverfront Restaurant at the former Joe’s Crab Shack Site

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The City Of Bellevue has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the riverfront business located at 25 Fairfield Avenue, that was previously operated as Joe’s Crab Shack.

The RFP is an effort to select a respondent to operate a restaurant and enter into a lease agreement for the site.

The City has issued the following details regarding the RFP requirements:

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to solicit proposals for a lease agreement, and select a restaurant business (“Respondent”) to be operated at 25 Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue, Kentucky, the former Joe’s Crab Shack site (the “Project”).

The City of Bellevue owns the building located at 25 Fairfield Avenue and seeks to enter into a lease agreement with a restaurant operation for the use of the property.

The City of Bellevue (“City”) is requesting proposals from qualified companies and/or project teams who have experience developing, operating and leasing retail food hospitality establishments in urban locations.


Property Development Opportunity: [Joe’s Crab Shack] 25 FAIRFIELD AVENUE, BELLEVUE, KY 41073, January 25, 2021


City of Bellevue, 616 Poplar Street, Bellevue, KY 41073

Phone: 859.431.8888 Fax: 859.261.8387


The City will select a Respondent based on the information provided in the responses to the Request for Proposals. 

The building where Joe’s Crab Shack was previously located is a prime riverfront property with approximately 8,592 square foot restaurant space. Some renovation will need to be done to achieve a more pristine condition.

On or about March 1, 2020, the City of Bellevue acquired ownership of the building.  After this date, the building has seen no commercial use. Numerous restaurant operator groups have toured the building and expressed interest in leasing it from the City.

The Northern Kentucky area is a growing region in the mid-west. The City of Bellevue is undergoing a renaissance and a growth in population. Cincinnati is located minutes away from Bellevue, hosting multiple events and entertainment venues such as baseball, football, hockey, concerts, stage-plays and other event locations. The site is in the epicenter of business in the region. The City of Newport is located next to the property. The restaurant is easily accessed by patrons from Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, Fort Thomas, Cincinnati, and travelers in the region.

Project Description

The structure is a 8,592 square foot building located adjacent to a parking lot shared with Buckhead Mountain Grill at 25 Fairfield Avenue (“Site”) and Brandicorp. The Site is accessed off Fairfield Avenue, the main street in Bellevue.

The riverside open-plan restaurant building is seconds off of I-471 with entrance ramps accessible going south or north into the City of Cincinnati. Within the property are waiting areas, a bar, bathrooms, two large seating areas, a commercial kitchen, and a large deck facing the Ohio River. The building is in stable condition, but will need some rehabilitation and remodeling. It may need a new air conditioning unit(s) to best make use of the property.

A minimum of 250 shared parking spaces are located adjacent to the building.

The City is seeking a company/project team capable of executing a quality project and attracting a for-profit business to the space.

The location of the former Joe’s Crab Shack on the Bellevue riverfront is identified by the arrow in the upper right corner of this image: provided by the City of Bellevue.

Terms and conditions.

These are some of following terms and conditions to the lease shall include:

*The building is being leased to the Tenant “AS IS.”
*The minimum base rent that shall be considered is $110,000 per year.
*The “percentage rent” shall be 3.25% of gross sales to $4.1 million; 3.75% of gross sales above $4.1 million in a lease year. Minus minimum base rent.
*If sales are less than $1.5 million in a lease year, tenant may terminate the lease with 90 days notice to the City.
*Tenant to pay all taxes including but not limited to: City, county, state, school, health, library, county extension, soil conservation.
*Minimum of 250 non-exclusive parking spaces open to the public and restaurant patrons.
*Tenant to pay all utility costs.
*Tenant responsible for improvements, maintenance and repairs.
*Tenant to provide commercial property and casualty loss insurance; must indemnify and hold the City harmless from all personal injury claims or other claims arising from the use of the Premises; must name the City as an additional insured.
*No mechanics liens may be filed against the property. If filed, Tenant shall file a bond securing payment of the liens.
*Tenant to comply with all regulatory laws, including but not limited to zoning, signage regulations, building codes, City ordinances, state and federal laws.
*Tenant to pay broker’s fee, and any attorney’s fees, if any.
*Tenant may use all kitchen and other equipment on the Premises and will return it to the City minus normal wear and tear. It is expressly understood the City is the owner of the kitchen equipment and Tenant may not sell, discard or encumber these items.
*A Respondent’s proposal to the City is subject to a right of first refusal as reflected in Clause 26 in the Buckhead Mountain Grill lease with the City indicated below.
*The new lease between the City and selected Respondent will essentially be similar as the lease between Joe’s Crab Shack and the City.

Point of contact for the project is:

Frank Warnock
City Administrator for the City of Bellevue
616 Poplar Street
Bellevue, KY 41073

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