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Breaking News on vax Mandate battle between greater Cincinnati Health Care Providers and employees: Video

Letter from St. E doctors and other healthcare professionals expresses strong opposition to mandate

Deters law has received a copy of a letter from health care professionals to the “staff, administration and board” of the St. Elizabeth Healthcare system.

The letter, submitted by more than 20 doctors, nurses and other health care professional within the St. Elizabeth system, expressing their “strong objection to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate being forced upon the entire organization.”

A group of “anonymous SEP/H physicians and midlevel providers” also expressed opposition to the mandate in the letter. Some in the health care community have indicated a reluctance to state their opposition publicly, for fear of retribution by their employers.

Health care facilities across the country, spurred on by the Biden administration, are giving workers who have manned the front lines since the pandemic began, an ultimatum. They can either get the COVID-19 vaccine, or look for another job.

In the Greater Cincinnati region, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Christ Hospital, TriHealth, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, UC Health and Mercy Health will implement the vaccination requirement as a condition for continued employment in the coming weeks.

Concerns expressed in the letter from the St. Elizabeth doctors and other professionals include:

  • All current vaccines allow permissive infection and transmission of fully vaccinated individuals;
    therefore, they DO NOT “provide strong protection against unintentional spread” but may do the
    opposite due to a false sense of security in the vaccinated individual.
  • Last year the flu vaccine, which has been studied for 78 years, was mandated by the system without
    much debate because the safety of the vaccination has been clearly established. This current mandate
    is not equivalent. These novel, gene therapy-based COVID-19 vaccines have only been available for 9
    months without long term data.
  • We understand that you often look to the CDC for your recommendations and guidance. The CDC
    does not mandate vaccination for their employees nor have they recommended mandates.

Comments from the letter are excerpted below:

You have trusted and respected our medical decision making as physicians and providers in the community to-date. The healthcare workers of the St. Elizabeth system have all labored as essential workers tirelessly throughout the pandemic. They took on personal risk and provided the best possible care despite no available vaccines. They have spent years training to do their jobs and sacrificed their health and time with family and friends to care for the sick. St. Elizabeth front-line workers gladly accept these sacrifices as they are consistent with their calling.

We simply ask that you rescind this mandate, further study these vaccines, and allow personal body integrity for each St. Elizabeth employee. Please be ‘right here’ for St. Elizabeth employees too. (Note: the “Right Here” campaign is a staple of the St. Elizabeth marketing effort to its customers).

Our goals are the same. We desire to see the health and flourishing of our entire community and the world at large. We look forward to further dialogue.

Letter from St. E physicians and other health care professionals to the staff, administration and board of the St. E healthcare system

Click below to see the Bulldog Media video, which provides additional information. (Full disclosure: Eric “The Bulldog” Deters, a retired attorney, is the founder of Bulldog Media and an employee of Deters Law).

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