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The Butcher Of Pakistan: A True Story of a Medical Terrorist

Eric Deters releases his new book The Butcher of Pakistan.

Butcher of Pakistan

Bulldog Media

Butcher of Pakistan

This is their true story.

From 2005 to 2013, Atiq Durrani performed unnecessary spine surgeries on unsuspecting victims in Cincinnati, Ohio hospitals. The hospitals knew he performed these unnecessary procedures, but they craved the money Durrani generated.

Durrani’s insurance company, Medical Protective, refused to pay the victims. Eric Deters fought and continues to fight an epic battle unlike any other in the history of American law. The Ohio court system, led by the corrupt Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, refused to provide the victims timely trials. The Kentucky Bar Association and Ohio Disciplinary System would do all they could to aide Durrani by assailing Eric Deters at every turn.

This saga covers a thousand victims and a thousand anecdotes including the following:

A federal grand jury indicted Durrani for healthcare fraud. Rather than face a federal jury, Durrani fled the United States to Pakistan.

Seventy-nine men and women died waiting for their trials. More will sadly follow.

Deters Law won a record number of verdicts, including the largest in Ohio history for a medical malpractice case.

During this battle, Eric Deters was suspended, retired, went broke, served time in jail for contempt fighting for trials, was banned from the Courtroom, banned from the Courthouse, considered suicide out of spite and frustration, fought two state bar associations, betrayed by friends and family, including his father, his brother and the Hamilton County Prosecutor, had the IRS criminal division sent after him, almost lost his arm and nearly died from a staph infection, and yet kept the trust of 580 clients, financed the battle by borrowing and paying back millions and to this day he still stands.

In the history of American law, no group of citizens in America have suffered more incomprehensible injustice than the Durrani victims.

to preorder a copy of Butcher of Pakistan, click here.

*Note: Eric Deters is the founder of Bulldog Media

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