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Hundreds Turn Out For ‘The Butcher Of Pakistan’ Book Release in Cincinnati

Dr. Atiq Durrani performed unnecessary spine surgeries on more than 500 patients, many of whom are now disabled or deceased

Butcher of Pakistan

By Bulldog Media

A crowd of roughly 300 people filed into the Sharonville Convention Center Tuesday for the release of Eric Deters’ new book, “The Butcher of Pakistan.”

A storm that left thousands of homes and business in the region, including the area around the convention center, without power, did not prevent the large crowd from coming out for the highly anticipated book release.

The 500-page book centers around medical terrorist Dr. Atiq Durrani who performed unnecessary spine surgeries on more than 500 patients around the tri-state area. 

Generators at the convention center provided the power, and Deters delivered the passion, just as he has over the years Deters Law has spent fighting for Durrani victims.

Deters said he was motivated by many factors when he chose to write the book.

“Number one was to memorialize the story, number two, was to bring some heat,” Deters said. “I hope all of you spread the word to everybody.”

Deters addressed the crowd with an emotional account of the victims’ struggles and the countless hours spent building the cases to bring to trial.

Eric Deters, author of “The Butcher of Pakistan,” chokes up at Tuesday’s book signing, as he recalls some of the victims of Dr. Atiq Durrani/Mark Hansel for Bulldog Media

“I think about you all every day, without question,” Deters said, his voice cracking. “This has been an extraordinary story unlike any in this country’s history. We focused more on those cases that went to trial, but we interspersed plenty of other stories in the book. It weaves together…what he did to you, which is unforgivable.”

The crowd rose to applaud Deters after his presentation.

Many of those in attendance were Durrani victims who, along with their families, came together to remember their shared ordeal and pick up an autographed copy of the book.

Cheri Potts, whose late husband, Jeff was a Durrani victim, shared a part of her story.

Cheri Potts, whose late husband, Jeff, was a Durrani victim, shares her story/Mark Hansel for Bulldog Media

“(Jeff) was a victim of Dr. Durrani and he passed in December of 200, of a drug overdose,” Potts said in a trembling voice. “I don’t whisper that, because that’s what happened and that’s his story, I’m not embarrassed about it.”

While not directly impacted physically by the medical malfeasance, Potts said Durrani has had a lasting impact on her life.

“I spent a lifetime supporting, advocating, and loving, someone who suffered and endured so much,” Potts said. “Any representation of voice that I’ve been involved with in the Durrani situation, I’ve done with a full heart for Jeff, and a full compassion, for all of you, the Durrani victims, that were just counterparts in this ordeal.”

The surgeries were all performed between 2007 – 2013 so many of those in attendance have been dealing with the aftermath for more than 10 years.

A crowd of 300 people attended the book release at the Sharonville Convention Center near Cincinnati

Throughout the evening guests lined up to get a signed copy of “The Butcher of Pakistan.” Many in attendance were impressed with the size of the gathering, believed to be one of the largest book releases in recent tri-state history, but with no local media coverage.

Deters wasn’t surprised by the media snub, he’s dealt with it before. 

“We have about 100,000 social media followers, about 12,000 YouTube subscribers and we are going to pound this book into the ground with them and it’ll spread,” Deters said.

To preorder a copy of “The Butcher of Pakistan,” click here.

*Note: Eric Deters is the founder of Bulldog Media

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