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Top Republican claims there’s a ‘coordinated effort’ by Biden administration to hide information about the family and ‘shady business schemes’ after Treasury rejected request for Hunter’s bank records

The business dealings of Hunter Biden as well as if and how they ensnare President Joe Biden himself are a top priority

  • House Oversight Chair James Comer accused the Treasury Department of running cover for President Joe Biden’s son and the administration
  • He asked for any reports regarding suspicious bank activity of Hunter’s
  • The Treasury told him it needs more information to make a decision 


House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer accused the Biden administration of a ‘coordinated effort’ to shield the president’s son from scrutiny on Thursday.

It comes in response to the Treasury Department blocking – at least temporarily – House Republicans‘ request for documents related to Hunter Biden‘s financial transactions.

A Treasury official told Comer that he would need to supply additional details for his request.

The  business dealings of Hunter Biden as well as if and how they ensnare President Joe Biden himself are a top priority for Comer’s investigative panel – something he’s made clear even before Republicans took control of the House at the beginning of this year.

‘At the start of the Biden Administration, the Treasury Department changed longstanding policy to severely restrict Congress’ access to suspicious activity reports,’ Comer said in a statement obtained by Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has pledged to investigate the Biden family's finances+3View gallery

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has pledged to investigate the Biden family’s finances+3View gallery

He accused the Treasury Department of running cover for the president’s family (pictured: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen)

‘Now, Biden’s Treasury Department appears to be going even further to restrict access.’

He continued, ‘This coordinated effort by the Biden Administration to hide information about President Biden and his family’s shady business schemes is alarming and raises many questions.’

‘We will continue to press for access to suspicious activity reports generated for the Biden family and their associates, and will use the power of the gavel to get them if needed.’

Comer had asked Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on January 11 to hand over any suspicious activity reports related to the bank accounts of Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family.

But Treasury Legislative Affairs head Jonathan Davidson told Comer on Wednesday that the department would ‘make determinations concerning how to accommodate legitimate legislative needs while also protecting Executive Branch interests, including law enforcement needs’ – only upon receiving further information from him.The Treasury turned down Comer's request for reports of suspicious bank activity by Hunter Biden (pictured) and other members of the president's family+3View gallery

The Treasury turned down Comer’s request for reports of suspicious bank activity by Hunter Biden (pictured) and other members of the president’s family

Comer explained in his letter to Yellen that his committee’s main purpose in the probe was to investigate whether Biden himself was affected by his son’s alleged suspicious bank activity.

‘The Committee is investigating President Biden’s knowledge of and role in these schemes to assess whether he has compromised our national security at the expense of the American people,’ the Kentucky Republican wrote.

‘Additionally, we will examine drafting legislation to strengthen federal ethics laws regarding employees and their families.’

He said his committee would also ‘examine and make recommendations regarding federal laws and regulations to ensure that financial institutions have the proper internal controls and compliance programs to alert federal agencies of potential money laundering activity.’

The president has repeatedly denied having any benefit or participation in his son’s foreign business deals, which are currently under investigation by the U.S. attorney in Delaware. ADVERTISEMENT

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