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Rick Wilson: Trump Will Eat ‘Awkward’ DeSantis’ Liver Live on a Debate Stage

The average person out there they’re not worried about wokism or whatever the hell it means


Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is “awkward and weird,” so he won’t do well in a debate against former President Donald Trump.

Wilson said, “There’s a real rule about campaigns, and it’s the candidate with the most charisma tends to win whether you like it or not. Donald Trump had more charisma than Hillary, whether you like it or not. Joe Biden had more charisma than Donald Trump in a weird sort of funky way. If you’re the guy who gets the reputation early in the campaign for being a difficult diva and for eating pudding with three fingers, I can’t even tell you, like, the memes write themselves for this guy. It’s never going to get better. He’s in a position now where people think he’s already awkward and weird, and it will just get worse and worse.”

He continued, “The average person out there they’re not worried about wokism or whatever the hell it means. They can’t define it, of course. They’re not worried about that. They’re worried about the economy, their kids’ education, their jobs. They’re worried about things that matter to their families. And when they see things that threaten their families and hurt their families, because, like it or not, Ron DeSantis, there are a lot of gay people in the country, there are a lot of African-American people in the country. You’re just banning books, banning books about Rosa Parks and Hank Aaron in Florida schools because you don’t like them, or taking out the fact that Rosa Parks was African-American in a school textbook. That’s insanity. People will see that. So the darkness and the weirdness all together is going to make him, I think, very off-putting, until, of course, Donald Trump tears his liver out and eats it live on stage, and that will be that.”

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